Yahtzee For Symbian Phones

This page houses a freeware version of Yahtzee for early Symbian mobile phones.

Download Series 60 version 1.2 (ZIP file - 22Kb)   Download UIQ version 1.2 (ZIP file - 24Kb)

Supported Handsets


Series 60

Series 60 screenshotSeries 60 screenshot


UIQ screenshotUIQ screenshot


Version History

12th October 2004Version 1.2 released for UIQ
Extra features include:
  • Support for using the stylus and jog dial
2nd May 2003Version 1.2 released
New features include:
  • Bug Fix: Cancelling entering a high score now works
  • Bug Fix: Navigating between the game and help or high scores page after a Yahtzee bonus does not give you another bonus
  • More efficient score calculation and drawing code
14th April 2003 Version 1.1 released
New features include:
  • Bonus points for multiple Yahtzees
  • Skipping over used scores
  • Undo only available on the menu at the start of a round
  • Small animation when dice are rolled
  • Total of the left hand column now indicated
  • All bonuses now indicated
  • New icons
4th December 2002Version 1 released for Series 60


Maintained by James Trotman.

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